Gender equality index

Index details

Havea Boufféré Economic and Social Unit has published its Gender Equality Index 2021 based on data from 2020: 76/100.

This index is the result of five mandatory indicators under the French law “For the freedom to choose one’s professional future”:
• pay gap;
• individual increase distribution gap;
• promotion distribution gap;
• % of employees awarded an increase on their return from maternity leave;
• number of women and men in the 10 highest earners.

In the Havea Boufféré Economic and Social Unit, women make up 67% of employees.

The Group celebrates its female workforce, particularly on the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day. Havea confirms its strong commitment to gender equality, indicating that 51% of its managers are women. Indeed, parity is an issue to which we are particularly attentive.
Our ambition in the coming years is to offer women more opportunities and to advance women’s rights. This societal issue is a priority focus for our group, particularly as the majority of our consumers are women.

In figures

Gender equality index havea group

The result of this index confirms that company practices ensure that there are no salary gaps between women and men in similar categories, and that conditions of access to training, mobility and individual pay increases are identical for both genders.

To ensure continuous improvement of Gender Equality:
• As part of its social dialogue applicable from 2021, Havea Boufféré Economic and Social Unit has already given undertakings regarding pay increases for employees returning from maternity leave;
• Havea Boufféré Economic and Social Unit decided to implement an action plan, despite the fact that the index score is already above 75. An action plan covering recruitment, mobility, remuneration, training and work/private life balance has been put in place.