Havea is dedicated to improving personal well-being by empowering consumers to take care of their health using natural and organic products.

European leader in the natural healthcare sector, Havea seeks to ensure the long-term development of each of its naturally holistic and inspiring brands with due regard for their identities and their commitments, all the while maintaining a distinct consumer focus.

Havea capitalises on its brands’ commitments to taking action towards a more responsible world. With the firm belief that their successes should benefit as many people as possible, Havea and its brands fully employ resources and skills to build a sustainable future.

These commitments are set out on a long term basis and result in concrete contributions to society.

The Group's commitments are structured around three key issues:



232 M€

turnover in 2022


strategic brands


production site in France


international subsidiaries


Acquisition of Laboratoire Biocyte

The nutricosmetics brand joins the Group. The laboratory stands out for its cutting-edge technological expertise in the service of beauty.


Acquisition of the Group by BC Partners

BC Partners completes the acquisition of the Group to support its growth and strengthen its leadership in the European market.

Acquisition of Bears with Benefits

The German beauty brand Bears with Benefits® joins the Group. Specialized in the design and formulation of gummies, it contributes to the Group’s international reach and enhances its visibility on digital.


Acquisition of ixX pharma

A key player in food supplements prescribed in pharmacies in Belgium, ixX pharma joins the Group bolstering the expertise of the Aragan brand.


Acquisition of Calmosine

Calmosine, a French brand specialised in food supplements from early childhood, joins the Group. Along with Biolane, Calmosine consolidates our Group's leadership in the babycare market.


Creation of Havea

The Group develops a new identity and becomes the Havea Group. This key step is accompanied by an overhaul of its business model and its organisation to be structured, in particular, around five global brands: Aragan, Biolane, Densmore, Dermovitamina and Vitavea.

Vitavea is a French brand of food supplements dedicated to making health and well-being accessible to everyone. Heading its needs consumers since 1975, Vitavea offers innovative and natural solutions that meet the specific needs of each individual.

Acquisition of Pasquali Healthcare

The Group’s first foreign acquisition, Pasquali Healthcare, is a leader in the Italian dermatological market, through its Dermovitamina brand


Acquisition of Laboratoires Densmore

The Group reinforces its medical expertise by acquiring Laboratoires Densmore, who specialises in the prevention and treatment of ophthalmological and gynaecological pathologies.


Acquisition of the Group by 3i

3i, supported by Cathay Capital, acquires Groupe Ponroy Santé to accelerate its growth.

Acquisition of Laboratoires Ersa

Laboratoires Ersa, specialised in top-ofthe-range food supplements with health product positioning through the Aragan and Synactifs brands, consolidates the Group's leadership in pharmacies


Creation of the Naturé Moi brand

The Naturé Moi brand is created. Its aim To offer hygiene, skin & hair care products in supermarkets that are respectful of people and the environment, using carefully selected raw materials for their naturalness, biodegradability and high tolerance.


Creation of Groupe Ponroy Santé

The various laboratories created by Yves Ponroy are brought together under Groupe Ponroy Santé. The production site in Boufféré (Vendée, France) is launched to ensure in-house manufacturing of most of our products.


Acquisition of Laboratoires Biopha

The Biolane brand, created in 1972, joins the Group and accelerates its growth to quickly become THE specialist in baby hygiene and baby care products.


Creation of the Vitarmonyl brand

Laboratoires Vitarmonyl is created. Its aim To make high-quality food supplements available to the general public in supermarkets.


Creation of Laboratoires Nutrisanté

Laboratoires Nutrisanté (Manhaé, Ultrabiotique, etc.) is created. Its mission To target nutritional deficiencies and essential biochemical reactions to preserve natural balance in the human body.


Creation of Laboratoires Yves Ponroy

Yves Ponroy, biologist, nutritionist and Doctor of Science, founded the Institut de Recherche Biologique in 1975. There, he carried out fundamental research towards a more humanistic and physiological approach to health. That same year, Laboratoires Yves Ponroy was created.

Nos marques

Inspired by biomimetic research

As a pioneer in the design of food supplements, Aragan has developed the Pure Protect® & Synactifs ranges, based on a fine detailed understanding of the natural physiological mechanisms of the human body to reproduce its synergies and support optimal health.

No. 1

range recommended by pharmacists


trainings/year in our partner pharmacies

Symbiotic paediatrics

With its expertise in symbiotic paediatrics, Biolane develops the most naturally protective products, in perfect harmony with babies and their environment: gentler or baby, gentler for the planet.


natural ingredients

No. 1

market leader (in mid to large supermarkets; source: HMSM Nielsen CAM P05)

Healthcare innovation in ophthalmology and gynaecology

Specialised in ophthalmology and gynaecology, Densmore has over 70 years’ documented expertise confirming its vocation to provide the medical community and patients with innovative products that offer tolerance, safety and ease-of-use to meet everyday health and well-being needs.

No. 1

segment leader in France for AMD / Glaucoma


segment leader in France for Fertility

A solution for all skincare concerns

With its topical products and natural food supplements, Dermovitamina offers a complete range for treating all common skincare concerns: acne, atopic dermatitis, irritation, dry and sensitive skin, etc.


products for all skincare concerns

Top quality healthcare accessible to all!

Vitavea specializes in designing, producing, and distributing food supplements that promote health and well-being; formulated using natural active ingredients and backed by scientific research. Taking care of itself must be simple to build your health capital safely. Therefore, Vitavea is committed to making well-being and health accessible to everyone, with innovative solutions that naturally meet everyone’s needs yet accessible to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

No. 4

of the market


countries where our products are distributed

Beauty empowerement

Trendy, this all-female brand is reinventing the beauty, health and well-being routine by offering a wide range of food supplements with innovative galenic as gummies, and whose scientifically proven effectiveness is driven by ethical and virtuous production.


growth vs 2021


European distribution countries

Havea is a unique workplace, dedicated to the development of our brands in a spirit of performance and social responsibility. Joining Havea means becoming part of a family of talented employees from diverse backgrounds working in a stimulating environment for the success of one and all.